Option to Set Zombie Health in Zombie Difficulty Files

When creating custom difficulty GUIDs for different zombie spawns or navmeshes, I noticed there isn’t really a way to set health. This normally wouldn’t be an issue because health can be set in the zombie settings of the zombie spawn itself. For my specific use case, I want all the zombies in a navmesh to be boss zombies, but their health to not be extremely high. I’ve been able to easily set their type in the difficulty, but it seems regardless of the health of the zombie in editor, their extremely strong. Being able to also set a specific health for them would be great.

Boss zombies have hard-coded health values. I think a slightly more accurate suggestion would be something along the lines of “allow setting custom boss zombie health values (in general)”. Or perhaps, “allow setting Armor_Multiplier values in the zombie difficulty config”.

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Yeah that would actually probably be better, a setting in the editor maybe in general.

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