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Você pode traduzir unturned 4 então?

wat is flodo

“can you translate unturned 4 then?”

well, i could try

Eu também quero tentar, estou tentando entrar em contato com nelson, seria uma boa você me ajuda que tal conversarmos pelo discord?

A língua portuguesa não é nada fácil de se aprender, sem falar substantivos, subistantivos compostos, verbos, etc

3 aqui então, tá na hora de uma tradução decente, chaga de Google Tradutor. Seria uma tradução feita pela comunidade, mas implantada diretamente no game, como o Nelson fez com o mapa do Havaí.
Passa o discord, contatamos o Nelson, se tudo der certo, debateremos a tradução direto pelo discord, assim como fiz no Po-Go UWP. (amanhã eu traduzo isso pros gringos entenderem kkkkkk)

Mais no 4 pode ter algumas alterações envolvendo Localization

“3 here then, its time for a decent translation, no more google. it would be made by the community, but implemented directly on the game, like hawaii.
we go on discord, contact nelson, if everything goes right, we debate it via discord, like i did on PO-GO UWP”

The Brazilian kkk is different right?

Using Hawaii as an example makes it sound like localizations should go through a process similar to curation, which’d imply money, exclusivity, and potentially zero updates after the initial implementation.

I still think something like Crowdin makes the most sense. Translations wouldn’t be handled by an exclusive group, people could aim to create the best possible translation, they can be constantly worked on throughout the game’s development, etc. and whatever and all that.

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People don’t even know that you can download the translation, and there is those smart guys that dont even know english that try traducing everything. Something directly implemented, with a select menu when you first open the game or automaticaly chosen by your location would be a hundred times more effective, and would attract some players that don’t know much english.

We don’t use huehuehue constantly. our common way of typing laughter is a whole line of k’s. no relation with the cursed group though

Brazilian kkk dont exist
Ku Klux Klan olny on your country

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