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Hello, mortals!

About unturned game translation, I wanted to have original translation pro game is a good proposal besides improving the gameplay of the player, not to mention that could attract more players from other countries who enjoy the game a lot, according to Nelson would be the community that would do that, currently in my language PT-BR has nothing but bad translations made more like Unturned 4 is coming, I want to participate in the development of the game, to provide a better gameplay.

Why put?

Translation is used mainly to know name of items and etc, but something that is necessary are NPCs that is something very precise, obviously no one was born taking English course, but making a translation is better for all who play after all, Unturned deserved to appear in E3 More who does not like a game translated into their own language?.

Community already does this.

The Community obviously does this more, with the development of Unturned 4, we could improve the game by bringing this innovation to multi-language translation where it would attract more players to play.

Why start now?

Good “The sooner, the better” besides English being an easy language to translate, the translation being developed at the same time with the development of the game, the innovation would be born along with the game so more people who like a translated game will have another reason to play UNTURNED

Who will translate?

Well I already translated Unturned 3 just for min same, even wanted to post in the Workshop but I’m too poor to put a dollar at steam, but I translated a good part and mainly the NPCs have to say that it was a great experience to see the Unturned speaking my language, I can do the job, after all Nelson did the unturned alone right?

Any mistake blame Google Translate, after all I will not bother translating this I think you guys right?

tl;dr to anyone struggling to read this:

I want to do localization for 4.0

Now for what I have to say; translations are likely planned and will be done by the community as opposed to one person. That’s how it is in most games, including Unturned 3.0 if I recall correctly.

Good for my eyes Unturned 4 should have this, if you read what I typed.

Again, it probably will have localization. I want to say it’s already confirmed but I can’t find a direct source that says so.

Also what is your main language? Maybe someone else can translate your post next time

Try to read the Post and you will understand after all, the community of my language does not do translations, you rarely find more are of versions as old have some that are of Unturned 2 nor do I remember more right, more literally it is not easy to find people who do a good job, good at least in my nationality.

Good plus another how did you mean? will Unturned 4 come with original translations?

While that may be true, most games take the approach of community localizations. Users can contribute to the translations, and this is done successfully in games like Rust or Blackwake. So it clearly works well, and if localizations are coming, there will have to be translations for every major language, including some that you don’t know, obviously. You seem to be implying that you want to do all of it yourself, but there’s probably going to be other people who can translate even your language just as well, or improve it.

That said, I still want to know what your main language is.

And yes I read your post before even the first comment. You don’t have to tell me to re-read it.

I was born taking an English course. This isn’t really suited for the forums, try emailing Nelson or something.

My nationality is Brazilian, glad my name is Gabriel more of your part of communities doing translations is legal, but an original translation would be more effective.

Thanks for the tip, but what is the email I can speak with Nelson?

Ah, so Brazilian Portugese.

I know a few people in this community who do probably understand that perfectly fine. I also find translations for Portugese in almost every game I’ve played, so there’s definitely someone who knows how to translate it.

lso I say this to add an original translation, because how many times do you see someone translating the game? in my language neither speaks in translation.

I have translated the game more I could never put in the workshop after all nor do I have 1 dollar to put without saying that the dollar in Brazil is expensive, but I really understand the subject.

It should be clarified that all translations on the Steam workshop are for Unturned 3. People really didn’t do translations for Classic.

By the way: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843887327&searchtext=portuguĂŞs

Preferably, someone trying to translate the game should be able to speak both languages without using Google translate in most circumstances.

That aside, I believe all officially translations should either be done by professionals or through a system set up on Crowdin.


And there are many prominent Brazilian community members.

It doesn’t cost money to put stuff on the Workshop.

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I agree with everything you said, but would like to point out something:

It doesn’t cost money to put stuff on the Workshop.

You need a non-free Steam account to post Workshop content, meaning he has a free account.

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have i been summoned to translate stuff?

Level 0 Do not pay attention to anything

Level 0 Do not pay attention to anything

Uhhh what

Can you like type that in your language and maybe Flodo can translate that correctly

nelson@smartlydressedgames.com, last time i checked.

fala logo em portuguĂŞs, deixa que eu traduzo.

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