Our best unturned experiences

What is your best experience in unturned?
Mine is having started playing the game xd okay actually it is (data corrupted) Well anyways, I’m going to do one of these every once in a while :slight_smile:

Please don’t. Unless it’s something new, unique, and preferably productive or encouraging to productive discussion, this is borderline spam.

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It’s related to unturned and in the meme category. It’s not wrong to do, I’m just asking what people’s favorite experiences are. It helps people remember funny things that have happened.

Lol, so wait that’s your best unturned experience?

Fuck wrong area

Lol xd well that’s a pretty good one too xd

I dont think text posts online help people remember as much as the squishy supercomputer in our head

Each it’s still fun to recall our experiences and talk about them.

Remember when i talked about the guy who took a Cobra that I dropped (while looting) and killed me with it?
I respawned, got a Bluntforce from the police station (1 shell only in it), found him and jumped the dude. While taking my stuff back, I stripped the cobra and dropped it because i didn’t need it anymore (I had a Heartbreaker since the start), then i hear the guy snatching the cobra (the exact same guy) but it was empty, so I looked directly into his eyes as i turned the tables to my favor and showed him that I’m not to be fucked with so i sprayed him down with HE rounds

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HE rounds

Dear god, you had a tank barrel for a shotgun?

I used that 1 shell to kill him once then threw it because my loot was more important than an empty shotgun. I took my heartbreaker (that had HE rounds) and used it to kill him again after he tried to snatch the Cobra from me (which was empty)

Ah, okay, it’s just that those are called fragmentation rounds, or “frag rounds”, and HE is terminology associated with tanks.

Well, by HE, i mean “highly explosive”. As for the word fragmentation, I don’t like that word because it suits the frag grenade since the explosion causes fragments of the grenade’s shell to eject at full speed which causes the real damage. But these rounds explode, they don’t turn to pieces (they do, but it’s not what causes the real damage). So yeah, that’s why i don’t call them frag rounds, rather HE rounds