Our savior


@danaby2 @SirAdy @Renaxon now this is epic


We need an official mine craft server for this stuff. But instead of killing everybody, we build like the ancient Greeks did.


Unturned community

“official Minecraft server”


Minecraft is more beautiful than Unturned currently, facts.


i am using a shader here though :thinking:


I love the internet


WhY iS DiS PopPiNg uP


Make a pixel art of rl nelson and we’ll talk xd.


Lol who took the time to build that impressive shrine I bet they’re a really cool guy.


probably not you


@Hexadecimal can confirm that that just wont happen broski


As a fully fledged pixel artist, I graciously accept this challenge


Ok now do it in survival too.


Alright then, whomever made the best pixel art wins nothing.