Overdone Islands - A beginner's map ;-;

I’m new in this thing. I’m noob, so i’ll be so happy if you say what do you want to see.
Map name: Overdone Islands
Large sized map, 2 islands (maybe i’ll add more), with a big snowy mountain. Plane crash, raided camp, skycrane crash, and a looted airdrop.
I’m thinking about underground npc camp (done), multi biomes (done), mushrooms, more survivor camps, overpowered zombies, a lot more islands. I need suggestions and ideas.
Here are some screenshots.
“How did that APC got there? unrealistic” With a skycrane. There’s a skycrane crash. Don’t worry, i’m going to edit it.

Edit #1: Multi biomes are done! I’ve added 1 more campground, radio tower to the summit and getting ready for underground npc.

Screenshot: https://imgur.com/ntpwmij

Edit #2: Half of the npc’s are done!
This is the main entrance to the mine.

This is the entrance of the underground npc place.

Here are some screenshots from the npc place.

And this is from the new location on the map.

Edit #3: Haven’t posted in a while.
Overdone way: Now you are able to climb to the mountain! Wait, climbing?
You can try the hard way, but best way to the mountain is overdone way, unless you know how to fly.

Radio tower: Plane crash zone was looking empty, so i tried something but it didn’t look so good.

New island: Also, we have a new island but it has nothing special, yet.

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I’m assuming you’re using the Carepackage barricade rather than a Carepackage object. That’s going to result in people being able to destroy the Carepackage, and then it’ll just be a square of floating vines and such.


Not bad for starters.

Btw the first and last link you provided are the same link

Nope, I’m using the airdrop object.

Done. https://imgur.com/YoM181L

Updated, npc’s are done.

Nice. Just remember to not use scaled debris. It lags the map. Also, it kinda reminds me of the Americas map. The best small map.

Updated! Opinions?

You should delte that dirt road, it looks out of place, but it still looks good!

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