Own skin possibility

Every player should have possibility to have limited number of uploading his own skin mash and playing with it. Without right to sell it or trade.

This would greatly devalue skins as people wouldn’t want to buy skins/just would copy skins that cost money to use as a “personal” item.

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This is why I said limited. I mean for example one or two uses.

Even just allowing a single “personal” skin would devalue skins. It’s not going to happen.


I agree with @n3rfcr4zy5 on this, skins’ value would greatly drop if this was implemented.

Yea, but it’s problematic for smaller creators of skins like me. I created some skins and there is no way to play with those. And it’s so hard to have accepted skin even if you are good designer.

That’s not really Nelson’s problem. The community wants the skins that it wants. If you want to make skins you can play with, try creating modded versions of the weapons that use your skin’s weapon wraps as the default skin.


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