Parkour and other ideas!


I’m thinking we could sort of add parkour to the mix or atleast wall climbing and vaulting which could make it cool or even just adding kicking zombies would be cool! Maybe if that doesn’t work out then i can just instead think of adding like knockback with explosions where you are sent into ragdoll form and as you land you try to get up quickly but sometimes it takes longer and have an incapacitated state like left 4 dead to make it easy-ish to stay alive but you can only stay alive for about 10 or so minutes (depending on the rate of blood loss.) that actually makes me think of adding a bit of blood with certain graphics levels where the blood has physics where it drips or just looking like a picture.


I think if you click rapidly then it’ll make you kick the zombie or punch it real hard, that’d be cool. Making a seperate key for kicking zombies that’d be overcomplicated and kinda stupid, but I think there should be melee combos or something like that, which would make you kick the zombie/player or punch it real hard, same with melee weapons (decapitating the zombie, stabbing through its heart/chest, and things like that).


U II is going to have better animations overall,so many of you suggestions are probable :slight_smile:


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Nice! this is gonna be good!