Perhaps you forgot to write here the name of the mythical effect and for other mythical things, but so far I have found only one mistake with #PARTICLE_TAG_NAMEScreenshot_14


Please post in the proper category in the future. Thanks!

EDIT: Reverted your recent edit. Again, this is a bug report, not troubleshooting.

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oh ok, next time I will write to the correct section (just registered)

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It’s all good :+1:.

I’ll shoot Nelson a message about it, and I assume it will probably be fixed with either the next mainline patch or the next patch the Belgium team puts out (as it’s a relatively minor issue).

To clarify,

  • “troubleshooting” is for issues you are experiencing with being able to play the game (typically resulting from hardware, but not always).

  • “bug reports” are for bugs/glitches in the game that are causing gameplay issues (typically resulting from issues with the software itself, but not always).

When you are on the site, you can see a brief description of categories/sub-categories by hovering over them, or in some cases by looking at the category’s page.


It may make sense to eventually just have a dedicated sub-category for bug reports, to make it easier for people to find the proper area to post them.


Ah, when adding those I was only thinking of the ones that would be dropped from mythic crafting - it was a later decision to show that label for all mythical items. Will add it!


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