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In the new Devlog (well it’s pretty new at the time I’m posting this, anyways) Nelson only showed gameplay of being in vehicles from the driver’s seat, and not from the passenger’s seat or back row. While sitting as a passenger might be physically similar to similar to sitting in the driver’s seat, there are some differences I would like to see between being a passenger and being the driver.

In the devlog, the driver automatically leans as he looks around, but doesn’t lean out far enough to get a clear view over the roof and doesn’t lean in far enough to get below the windows, which makes sense, since the leaning keys are already used for turn signals and you couldn’t really drive like that anyways. For the front passenger atleast, I like the idea of automatically leaning to look around, but would like to be able to use the leaning keys to manually choose to lean further.

In the Devlog, Nelson expressed a position against teleporting into, within, and out of vehicles, and showed that opening the driver side door would immediately result in the player getting into the driver’s seat. This works well enough for getting into the driver’s seat and the front passenger seat, but not every vehicle has a door for each of its seats. A good solution could be to allow players to switch between seats, but if they’re getting locked into an animation of moving between seats, (some of which might be quite far and not directly accessible from eachother) then the control scheme of 3.X, might be problematic as it would make it just as easy to choose to slide to the seat next to you as to enter a long animation of walking all the way from the front to the back of a bus. Controls that swap seats relative to your current seat could also be confusing, as the button for each seat wouldn’t stay constant. Ideally, I would like to open a door and automatically sit in the closest seat as one animation in small cars, as it is now, but would like to have controls for moving along the back row, for leaving the vehicle and perhaps for swapping between the front and back. On larger vehicles, I would like to be able to interact with a door to open it, walk along the aisle, interact with a row to sit in it, have dedicated controls for moving around within that row, for swapping rows, and for standing back up.

Also, this is somewhat unrelated, but I just realized that the way the driver looks backwards at the 2 minute mark wouldn’t really work if the window had glass up.


I’m pretty sure that you will be able to walk inside a bus and choose the seat to sit down on. your idea would work better for other vehicles (which have that problem, like planes) where you can’t walk around inside it.

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Imagine, walking to the back of a plane to commence an airdrop, that could prove interesting.

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I suggested there be both vehicles that you into a seat as soon as you open the door (like the one in the Devlog) and for ones that you have to walk into and pick a seat. I have no clue which you’re referring to when you say my idea.


I guess they could be implemented like the trunk in 3.X, except accessible by the front passenger, rather than the driver.

Your Idea does not work on a bus, which you will probably be able to walk into and choose a seat to sit down on. The swapping seat animation thing you suggested wouldnt work, as your stuck in a long animation to get from the front to back.

On a 2 person plane however, it will work because because you cant walk around inside it, however, you can scoot over to the pilots seat.

(This has nothing to do with the leaning you suggested.

I still don’t know what idea of mine you’re referring to. The entire part you quoted was me explaining why the 3.X controls for swapping wouldn’t work in 4.X, and the solution you’re suggesting is literally the same as the one I suggested.

Also I don’t know what “lea ing” is supposed to be.

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