Passenger shooting and looking

nelson you might do this, idk you’re a mysterious man :ok_hand:but would be cool if players in the passenger seats would aim their gun out the window either from the from or the back, or maybe like pubg where they sit on the car door and aim, but that would possibly be a copy thing or something.
And would be cool if players can look at each other while in the car. But this is somthing you’re probably doing just giving you other ideas. keep it going man love the game :+1:

If you’re referring to animations for players looking around within a car, this is already implemented somewhat.

In addition, you may be interested if you haven’t already learned that even the driver can wield one-handed weaponry such as handguns and aim it around.

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oh dang, didnt know about the first part but knew about the one handed gun.

For leaning out the window to look over roof like in PUBG (and also for leaning over to take cover behind the dashboard or peeking out the crew hatch of a tank) you could use the keys that would usually be used for changing between crouching, standing, and laying prone, since the stances that you could be in while on foot wouldn’t really apply while you’re sitting in a vehicle.

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