Passive Health gains

These are items or mechanics which give the player slow health regens when used.

  • Well Rested Bonus

When a player awakes from sleeping for 7 or more ingame hours, they receive a small health regen for a short amount of time. (Lost in Combat)

  • Homely

When a player places down a camp fire and stays in it’s small radius, they receive a small health regen. (Lost in Combat)

  • Well Fed

Same as Unturned 3, when above 90% food and water, the player receives a small health regen. (Stays in Combat)

  • Happy

When a player places down a painting, some flowers or any decoration. (Lost in combat)

  • Friendship

When a player is with another player in his group and are close together, they gain a small health regen. (Lost in Combat)



Nice idea overall.


Why not have a few of those be stamina regen?

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Most of the time, you will be near most of these sources resting and recovering. The only ones where this could fit would be well fed and well rested.

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Dont agree with the group regen because that would hurt solos. Groups already have plenty of benefits, I dont think we would need straight up perks. All the other ideas are great though


change happy to confort ( is less strange!) and all right

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This is true, I am hoping Nelson has a good solution for balancing Clan bases and overall large groups. However, in real survival, staying solo is much more difficult then staying with friends. The perk does however require that the group remain out of combat and be relatively close together, maybe about the size of a 4x4 base.

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This actually fits very well with my ideas about how stamina should work (@Peedeoo7) .

However, about these 3 suggestions I think that it would imply the application of a new psychological status system, like there is in Don’t Starve Together, and it hasn’t been discussed in-depth because we don’t even have a clue if Sexton is considering it.

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i believe that is a thing hard maybe impossible of balance, the best thing is dont give advantages to groups (impossible friendly fire, show position with GPS and maps,) and facility the creation of groups peoples go create groups its impossible 2 players dont have advantage about 1

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About your Stamina suggestion, I don’t think players should be forced to sleep (i.e. fatigue) since that limits what a person wants to do. In Multiplayer, no one would want to do a base raid at night as their player would be absolutely exhausted during the raid unless you made your player adjust to the “Raid lag.”

However, sleeping, but not because of fatigue is an excellent way to regenerate small amounts of health and stamina.

But about the Psychological status, I am not sure that would be a great addition, as in Multiplayer, killing players is one of the most basic things you have to worry about; but in real life, killing people can be severely damaging to a person’s psychi, even driving people to suicide. That’s not even mentioning all of the other stressful factors that occur in a Zombie apocalypse.

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Well, realistically, surviving just on your own is very difficult, but I’m hoping Nelson has a solution to balancing Clans.

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Never stated that.

Stamina will always drop depending on your actions; I never stated that player is obliged to sleep at nights, since I mentioned plenty of ways to keep stamina up. Said that, you could stay awake for entire days if you keep yourself pretty healty and nourished, without abusing of your energy, also taking rest breaks often (insomnia effects would reach you after about 3 or 4 days anyway).

In 4.0, hopefully it won’t, and not just because the turned and many other evironmental factors will be greatly enhanced to be much more threatening and a more recurrent cause of deaths, but also because if a psychologic stat is added, I also have in mind this:

IMO, forementioned factors would fit well, be reallistic and make people act much more wisely, preventing most players of doing dumb stuff/being such asses to other people, or at least create a more terrifying sense of survival to enhance inmersion in such a beautiful way.

No More Room In Hell, Silent Hill, RE 2-4-7, TWD, Blackwood, The Forest and This War Of Mine vibes INTENSIFIES!!

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Fair enough, I must have mis-read something. My bad.

Not that I’m trying to steer away from the conversation, you are right, but after 3 or 4 days, would the player completely collapse just like in real life, and to add on, it is theorized that a person could die without sleep (theorized to be about 5 days in a survival scenario).

In 4.0, hopefully it won’t, and not just because the turned and many other evironmental factors will be greatly enhanced to be much more threatening and a more recurrent cause of deaths, but also because if a psychologic stat is added,

True, many other factors will play an important role in 4, but other players are going to be dangerous no matter how much you try and deter them from doing certain actions.

Again, I do not think you can deter a player from doing certain actions,
no kos RP server, kos=ban
But, maybe it could prevent people from doing dumb actions and KOSing everyone; but what about self-defense? Even if a player attacks you, you still have to live with the psychological damage of killing another player.

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Also keep in mind that this “Friendship” buff, could also be active in Solo play, as Dogs (It is on the Trello Wishlist) could also give you the buff.

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The main thing to deter with all factors mentioned (including evironment realism) is that players would find more downsides rather than benefits in always KOSing and messing with other players, and that goes for both the dumb ones who tries to punch you when naked, no matter what gun you’re pointing at them, and for those ones who in middle-late game start killing players just to have something on which they can spend their ammo, and nothing else; no true purpose at all aside dumb fun.

Self-defense is always a thing in every single survival game. However, the psychological damage would depend on how you kill the other attacker, since it’s not the same to shoot someone from certain distance than to, e.g. beat this person to death. Also, for average or experienced (psychologically hardened) players, the pyschological downsides would reside much more on the stress and tension from the battle rather than killing the people by itself (unless it was a friendly or not-intended).


ey man friend me cuz im on like 5%

-Average Unturned Player 2019

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Keep in mind, the rate which you regain health will be slow, Friendship should be like 1 health every minute. (Tweaking is need of course)

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I feel that there should be a regen for damage you take. For example, any damage that you should have a regen of about 10% of your health. By this I mean that when you’re at 90% you regen back to 100% in, say 15 seconds, 80% to 90%, 70% to 80%, and so on.
Of course, if you’re starving or dehydrated you won’t enjoy this.

Currently in 3.x you can regen from any value if your hunger and thirst are above 90%… So I don’t see the novelty on your idea :b


Why so? Doesn’t seem logical to me.

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Idea from H&G.