PC bluescreens on startup

Any time i try to start unturned my computer blue screens and crashes. Whenever i turn my computer back on and go to steam, unturned uninstalled itself idk what to do about it. someone help

I’m no genius but you could try reinstalling steam entirely. What pc specs do you have?

now im no tech support or pc expert

but something is prolly fried (maybe, take this with a grain of salt), i’d go under the hood to check

that or unturned hates you and never wants you to play it again

I wouldn’t recommend playing unturned then.

i am hungry


It doesn’t do it with any other steam game just unturned

bruh thats a country

Start Untunred without BE.
Also, Steam just “forgets” about Untunred, the game itself is still there.

this is salutary neglect if I’ve ever seen it

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