PCGamesN Article calls Unturned a "knock-off survival sim with minecraft vision graphics"

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this article is 3 years old

that says a great deal about the relevancy of it, don’t you think?



At least later in the article, -even though it’s totally a little outdated- they talk the truth about it. Also oh wow, has it been 3 years since helis and planes got added?


What’s the matter with half the forum bringing old stuff lately ?

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Alright boys apparently any game with cel-shaded graphics is a Minecraft ripoff.

tHe WiNd wAKEr, a KnoCK-OfF RpG witH MiNeCrAfT vISIon GrapHICS my ass.

I looked into Matt. He seems to be an insufferable prick with a “holier than thou” attitude. He’s also an SJW from the looks of it. Not important, but wanted to put that out there.

1 opinion about something doesn’t matter. The more people that agree with that opinion, the more someone should take action.

I’m glad it’s only posted around 3 years ago. That’s when the ‘minecraft+dayz clone’ rubbish is still around that plagued game journalism due to the number of survival games that appeared during the years.

Not like these game journalists are any good either. Linking it with Minecraft the moment they see a block headed character tells a lot about how they analyse the game.

Now look at this dumb language


Games “journalism” is garbage. Ever since 2014, gaming journalism as an institution has been delegitimized and laughed at.

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gaming journalism (but also most journalism, honestly): am i a joke to you?

anyone with a brain: Yes.


I hate it when people compare Unturned to Minecraft. It is nothing like it. Not even in graphical style.

Minecraft vision wtf, they don’t know the difference between low poly and pixelated

I’m fine with people posting there opinion. Hate unturned? idc think whatever. but not Minecraft. Roblox and Dayz i could see being paired for this game. but not Minecraft


“You can’t pick up rocks or cut down trees to craft some basic items.”

Bruh did they even play the game for more than 4 minutes?



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Yeah you might consider it a knock off of DayZ but at least it’s not a buggy failure shrug


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