PDW vs Honeybadger

If the pdw is going to be in U2 say “I” for it to be called Honeybadger again!

He should call the PDW a Maplestrike and change the name of the the Maplestrike to the Honeybadger


sounds like some mad confusion making potential for some older players

Or he could just not

Or he could

I think the name was changed for copyright reasons?

He should name the maplestrike dragon beast so players would stop using the damm gun

@Younus Do you think the designer of the AAC Honey Badger would mind? I mean the guy who designed it, his business just got fucked up the ass by a certain three letter agency.

EDIT: I don’t think the guy who made the AAC Honey Badger would mind if the gun was named the honey badger in the game.

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I have no clue as I dont follow American gun news, but you’re right probably not.

All US agencies seems to have 3 letters…

dragon beast is typing…

I think the name wasn’t changed due to copyright reasons, more because of Unturned’s unique lore and art-style (the origins). It’s not real life, right?
That’s why the sedans and other cars isn’t have names and a design of irl cars. Even on curated maps and on vanilla+/vanilla++/vanilla+++ Workshop mods maybe the designs are trying to copy real life things, but the names don’t.
The same applies to guns. But there was one exception - Honeybadger. Or… actually not one.
Like “Hind” heli, “Humvee” and “Colt” pistol the name was changed due to reasons I mentioned above.

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My comment was perfect until I checked this.

Yeah, “Skycrane” despite being named almost like it’s own irl counterpart “S-64 Skycrane” still not renamed. I love Nelson.

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