Peeesayy™ : Suggestions


A strange virus has ravaged an entire globe. Sending it back to stone age and changed America The World as we hold dear.

Luckily, as basement dwellers. We, SDG forum regs, are here in the end of the world trying to “rebuild the civilization” at it’s best. In this episode of Peeesayy™ we’ll be talking about Suggestions.


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As a good trash compactor SDG forum user knows, sharing knowledge is whats seperated us from steam forum users. animals. However, lady luck usually don’t stay by your side when your knowledge is already been a taboo. Making you a laughing stock, or in this case, a laughing livestock. Luckily there’s a well known cure for this awkwardness.

God bless the search tool, simply drag your cursor over the magnifying glass icon, type in your suggestion, and if there’s a match, flush all your hopes and dream and start all over.

A good suggestion doesn’t fall from the sky. And even if it’s related to the sky, it would only comes when pigs fly. It comes from a balanced formula of Realism and Usefulness. As a wise man once said “Realism for the sake of realism is bad.” Try tackling something simple as karate armor, or a whole array of features if you’re smart enough. But remember, dwellers like tearing mistakes, and they’ll tear you apart if you’ve make a tiny mistake. So be careful.

People in the wasteland loses the ability to read but yet don’t mind writing an entire essay for others to read. The shorter and straight-on-point you can explain your suggestions the better. Sounds easier said than done, doesn’t it?

People like good suggestions, but when there’s hundreds and hundreds of “meh” suggestions made by the same author, chances are, dwellers wouldn’t like him that much. So don’t spam, or you’ll get a harsh wham.

Until next time on Peeesayy™. We, SDG forum dwellers blessed you. Stay posted.

A parody of “Late show with Argon Borone.”, https://www.ArgonBoroneshow/watch-episode-4-rewind. This parody is not intended to offense or used in political manners.


this is kinda homo. but no homo


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Confusing, but yes