Peeking & Cover

So my idea was to add the ability to peek around corners and (*1) have cover being blown out using destruction physics. The peeking aspect would work in first person as a way to take cover (since we already see that it is impossible to be pressed against a wall with a gun in your hand) (*2) and maybe third person feature.

The way the corner peeking system would work… well here are two options I’ve thought of:


The automated peeking system works like so: As the person approaches a corner, if they aim down their sights, they will automatically peek around the corner and be locked in that position unless they move back using WASD or turn away from the corner they are peeking at.


The keypress works by allowing the player to press a key (probably “interact” key) which can snap them into the peeking position. The player will be locked in that position unless they move back using WASD or turn away from the corner they are peeking at. A good example of this system is Thief’s peeking system:
(Youtube Link) Thief Peeking System

Note: These are just bare ideas! Maybe you can think of a more appealing system that works for peeking around corners. I’ll gladly add your idea to the list above!

Why we need this:
We need this feature just to add immersion and a smooth gameplay experience (tapping A and D repeatedly around a corner doesn’t really scream smooth, does it) as well as to balance third person this way. I dunno what you think, but this really suits the arcade style of Unturned II. There aren’t really many multiplayer games using this mechanic, so it is kind of unique as well. This feature adds a smooth gunplay experience to the game. We need it!

Asterisk thingies i’ve put throughout the text…

*1 featured in a few other posts, anyways i’m adding it here

*2 this would be incredibly op as someone could just hide in third person behind a wall and shoot you as soon as you pop up, so what i’m proposing happens is that the player switches into first person when they take cover.


Well, it actually exists in Unturned 3.x, but it requires a good rework to make it being of good use instead of what people usually do there currently.

About the automatic cover… It’d be interesting to see implemented, as also there should be the option for players to choice between that and current manual way on their configs.

EDIT: for automatic corner peeking, it should be that if players aim up they peek around the corner, and if they aim down, they conceal behind the corner returning to cover.

I like the automatic peeking idea, (reminds me of Bf1,) but it seems impractical for the character to detect and react to what cover is available just for that. If however other mechanics which would require similar detection (like vaulting, bipod deploying, or long arms being moved out of a firing grip when too close to a wall [no idea what that mechanic is actually called]) automatic peeking might be a more practical addition.

i loved and still love how read orchestra 2, rising storm and rising Storm 2: Vietnam did their cover sestem with peeking, blind firing, weapon support on barricades and so.
there also was an option to choose from manual activation, auto and press and be in cover if it is near.

because this posts i hate third person!!!

I like how RO2/RS did cover.

If the infrastructure is necessary, I’m all in for auto-assisted cover. Also, third person is seriously the scum of PvP.

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Peeking already exists in 3.x as @AtomSplinter said
But i wouldn’t suggest it being manual the way you said it. However, for the automatic peeking, I would suggest that if the player was right around the corner and the weapon was pointed up and you ADS, the character automatically peeks that corner. When the player leaves ADS mode, the character stops peaking. As for the manual peeking, I’d suggest the current one, which is with Q and E. Just like Rainbow Six’s leaning system

That automatic peeking is pretty much how the aforementioned Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm series did it.

It’s actually super robust, since you also look like you’re authentically taking cover. I’d highly suggest watching gameplay videos of either if you want to see it in action, but I definitely agree.

Like this, but I would like a combination of sorts. You peek with ADS, but you can combine lean with ADS to change your peek posture. Just an idea.

Around the corner:
Normal ADS to peek. ADS while leaning one way or the other to peek high or peek low

Behind a barrier:
Normal ADS to peek over the barrier. ADS while leaning one way or the other to peek around the left or around the right

not able to aim down inthe third person would really fix the abuse of third person, and make thrid person hipfire really bad as well, other than that yes, the peaking needs a rework

The “Around the Corner” peek is a bit overkill because now you’re sounding like the game “Ready or Not”
Low peeking and high peeking in a survival game are a bit too much, but would fit perfectly in a highly competitive shooter. Those are my thoughts

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