People look at this discount!

What did you do mr. Pesky?

There’s a Harassment Post Right? so everyone is acting progressive over an 18 year old girl talking about 9 year old’s are harassing her. Obviously, a debate breaks out. Eventually i come up with comment and say, “Pass me the gun, its time to put down the feminists”

kind of a bullshit ban if you ask me

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Sounds to me like you deserved it. I would have make the same ban decision. Threats of violence are against Reddit TOS.

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I got for honor like that.100% free on steam!

duude 5 cent discount! so generous of them!

Thank you gabin, very cool!

I always assumed they would ar least rebrand themselves, but aparently they do not.
I hapen to walk into a “Kaufland” in Prague with pretty much the exact same layout and so on, but it still does suprise me.

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