People will hate me for this... but

I would like it if nelson adds mechanics to make adding new gamemode easier or clothing items that change the entire player model. Example, if a animal game mode is added, it should only be activated by a piece of clothing that is hidden, so that people can make say, a watch or something that turns you into a pig or something (totally not plan of mine) and so on, I now this would add more development time tot he game but if we can have some true variability between mods, I’m happy. Plus we might start seeing more interesting stuff from modders like diesel and others., since stuff they want to do will be easier to implement.
I would actually like this to be added after the game comes out, so yeah. That will make it so people dont hate me T-T

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This seems like a really convoluted alternative to just coding a proper, separate module for the gamemode you’re trying to pull off.

easy =/= good


what I mean is basically make it possible for stuff like this to be added, cause in 3.0, its hard to make a lot of stuff cause its nearly impossible without something similar to work with ingame.

Those are called example files, which there are plenty of in 3.0.

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As an addition in future updates, yes, but definitely not in the core development stage or as the game is still fresh.

This is a problem with how Unturned 3 is set-up (requiring modules to make any new additions) and is not relevant to Unturned II.

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You can just make a new player character that will have the same code as the original one and change it’s mesh and animations. Then use your new player character using gamemode override. (talking about 4.0 / UE4 workflow)

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That’s a hacky way of creating a new mode, it reminds me of something that would be used in old games like Arma II or GTA:SA.


Nelson did say he’ll improve how “moddable” the game will be so I guess something like that would be possible. I like the idea

I didn’t hate it but I hated your grammar.

So instead of just putting on a t-rex suite, and being done with it, I can now up on the t-rex and BE the t-rex. Yes

I whould love to see the modding possibilities. It could open up so many possibilities.

Especially if it can affect character abilities.

Think of players (especially n00bs) finding a sentient zombie syrum, now we have two kinds of pvp opponents (maybe certain items can “lock” onto you), and then we can go more on the extreme side.

Say on a rp server they have a godzilla attack. A player is Godzilla and then… The city is in utter chaious with 7+ players fireing rockst launchers, useing lmg’s, and useing tanks agenst the thing, man that whould be so awesome to be in.

Mean, whatcha think? I know I will be hated, I know that some of you may consider it.

It reminds me of modern-day Minecraft plugins.


UE4 already makes it easy.


I don’t think that’s how it works. You would need to make a completely new hitbox for said mesh.

B-b-but what’s a hitbox ?

implies that making animations and meshes are easy

also implies that other factors such as hitboxes and general coding are not significant


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Meshes and rigging are respectively hard, but in Unturned, making a player model and rigging it for animation isn’t exactly hard.

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That said it most certainly requires a far greater level of skill than what is being implied.

Either way these sound like very lazy, poorly executed “fixes” for a problem that wouldn’t exist if people just took the time to actually properly learn how to mod.

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