Permanent Character system // Death mechanics // Skill system: an in-depth view

I’m not your buddy, pal

I never really said they’d be a big deal per se, they’re supposed to alter a player’s playstyle and/or experience first and providing a benefit second. Also you gotta let that 10% movespeed bonus go, it’s an example value subject to change obviously, even though I don’t see 10% movespeed for the required skillpts being a bad trait.

Well you clearly aren’t a hardcore player, obvious from the fact you find a 3 minute respawn time a big deal like fuck me, of all the things going on in a hardcore server, HARDCORE SERVER, SUVIVING SHOULD
BE YOUR NUMBER FUCKING ONE PRIORITY. Respawn time would be the least of anyone’s worries (non pvp scenario because once again, SURVIVAL)

I was but ok

You’re walking on the road, get shot in the head, boom you’re dead. Wait 3 minutes and start a new life end of story, no fucks given. Like it should be
starting to think you're like one of those kids who whine about dying and losing their shadowstalker mk2, tbh your argument would make more sense coming from there.

Now and then

Bullet Suggestions V2


3 minutes (or hell, even longer) is nowhere near an appropriate punishment for not knowing some guy with a grizzly wanted to tap your ass.

what the actual fuck is wrong with you people lmao

that sounds like another map size problem tbh

i’m not your pal, friend

yeah, YOU never did, but i wasn’t talking to YOU.

you make anyone stare at a screen doing nothing for 3 minutes, they’re going to get pissed.


so you unironically think people should have to wait to spawn for 3 minutes because they got memed. ok buddy.

i’m starting to think you’ve read nothing here.

took me a second to remember the context of that joke lmfla

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If you die to someone tapping you with a grizzly, he probably deserved the kill. Depending on the range, if he was 40m away thats your fault, 250 might be another story

And youre right, mapsize is a problem, which makes it easily abusable with a well placed bedroll, but can be countered with a death timer.

I think some people will enjoy this game mode, i think others will not. Its no hard facts its just opinions and guessing at the end of the day about UII

i’m not gonna be a fucking retard and say he didn’t deserve the kill. he did, obviously. but that doesn’t mean the victim deserves to be unable to spawn for 3 minutes.

or…just…bigger maps? which would also solve a lot of other problems? without pissing off almost everyone?

if you’ve ever played RS2, this mode would be to unturned what skirmish is to rs2.

which is to say like one server will run it. maybe. sometimes. and a few people will play it. maybe. sometimes.

Yes bigger maps will do the job, but a game mode for people who wants to take it a step further would be rather enjoyable atleast to me.

And as i said earlier population is a problem for servers like these, but a good server with good ping, will get 15-30 players steadily, and thats all i need, a stable server with the same people.

I really like the idea of losing your gear, stats ect, with a timer based on different factors, like kills, time alive, ad such.

And i believe that if that guy with the grizzly took his time to sneak up on me from bumblefuck nowhere, i would wait 3 mins and learn from that

two things:

  1. i’m about 90% sure that if you actually played this you’d find it unbearable. OP gives 564 seconds as an example for a respawn time. that’s almost 9 and a half minutes. fuck that.

  2. even if you didn’t, OP is proposing this as base U2, not a game mode, which is top 1 ways to kill U2 before it releases

when did you say population would be a problem? i don’t really think it matters i just don’t remember when/if you said it

i’d be fine with losing everything. hell, i’d even be fine with a dynamic respawn timer if it had a reasonable upper limit. but 3 minutes isn’t that limit, and neither is 9 and a half minutes.

you wouldn’t need 3 minutes to learn from that.

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Well, even if he proposed it as base game, people still would play easy, and god forsaken pve, and normal ect ect. And i find 3 mins to be a good upper limit.

The first post i made, not a reply one

And, if you had 3 mins to learn from it, trust me, youd become a very carefull survivor. It just makes everyone more thoughtfull, and makes gameplay all the better. And hell 3 mins is enough to take a piss if you really hate waiting.

wait… a respawn timer? o hell no. Why in the hell would we need a respawn timer? Your basically punishing the player for dying! we already have a home respawn timer for 10 seconds, and trust its long af. If we add a Respawn timer, it be near impossible to do anything in this game cause you have to avoid death. It mostly be compiled of peace and RP then PVP and fighting.


Hahaha, you find the 10 secs long huh.

Well after 1000 hours of unturned i found it exploitably short.

And yes you should be punished for dying death is punishing in it self, shouldnt be just the normal “well well, ill just kill him in 10 secs”

And servers can OF COURSE turn of the timer if they wished to do so


you’d be one of the few.

no, i’d become an incredibly frustrated player.

a few people, maybe. everyone else would just be pissed.

i wouldn’t call staring at a corpse “gameplay”, let alone better gameplay.

if i can take a piss and i’m still waiting to spawn when i get back, that’s not a good thing. actually, it’s pretty bad.

and losing everything (which i think should include skills, not sure about quests though tbh) isn’t punishment enough? maybe 10 seconds is too short, but the proper reaction isn’t to go in the complete opposite fucking direction. i’m really tempted to make a political joke about this tbh

You got the gist of it across, now the details need to be fixed.

I’m not your friend, amigo

who says you have to look at the screen? taps head

it’s only 3 minutes if you’ve been alive for 5 hours but yeah


(x) doubt

If you’re alive for 24 hours. yes. Do you know how long that is? twenty four motherfucking hours of being alive on a hardcore server is a blessing with a playerbase full of kosing lil kids

that’s your personal problem

maybe you piss too fast because you like speed :thinking:

I’m not your amigo, bucko

top 10 pictures taken moments before disaster




i’ve talked to people who’ve said that a 5 second difference in spawn timers is painful (albeit that was for a different game, but still). i don’t think it’s an uncommon sentiment.

ok no but unironically it takes me ages to piss lmao

I’m not your bucko, pendejo


I play dota2 everyday which has respawn times going upwards of 100 seconds in most games and I don’t see anyone getting a stroke (i know you can’t compare a moba with a survival game but just getting the point across that its not an uncommon sentiment, you’re prolly just very limited


i’m not your pendejo, bro

in other words: so what?

100 seconds isn’t even 2 minutes. so.

you brought this on yourself

Your a patient person, unlike me, im a very inpatient person. If i have to go through 3 minutes of an uninteresting black screen as i hear the dragonfang bullets hit metal boxes, i’d instantly quit the game.

10 year old admins would keep it on just so they could raid any base. if we had to endure 3 minutes just to respawn in my bed, they would have already broke through 4-5 lockers already

i win kthx bye gn

ok, this is epic

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