Petition for Nelson to change his profile picture to this


similar to this but like actual unturned pumpkin model and normally animated but i suck at animating and datamining so yea’h

  • Hell yes
  • No.

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Where is the Jack-O-Lantern model that’s literally ingame



as i said i am bad at datamining aA



We need 10 characters to be posted so…

No, part 2.


Position is bad, grid isn’t hidden, camera yain’t deleted and “front” is fucky.

Redo or -1.


Warning… Horribly made photoshop ahead. you HATH been warned.

Nevermind because le device is being junk.


Im voting yes because it reminds me of the shittiest game alive


If it was a UII meme, it would be 10% better.