Petition to End Kidnapping Posts in Unturned ll

  • Yes, I agree to end this
  • No, cause i like stealing and using vans

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Finally someone who agrees with me.

So many posts of cannibalism and kidnapping in such a short time, I’m scared help

Wasn’t there only one cannibalism thread, in the whole history of the forums?


continue getting into my van.

just quit it tbh


What’s next, “Cyka Blayt?” Groundbreaking humor from you, my man. I cant wait to see what epic communism joke you say next time.


I don’t think you understand what I just posted. Because you clearly don’t understand the joke that totally didn’t just fly over your head, allow me to expalin.

"Av nu cheeki breeki iv damke" is a voiceline for members of the Bandit faction in all three S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games. The reference is to a certain mission in the third game, Call of Pripyat, involving an asshole named Shishak who happens to be one of the local bandit leaders in the second level Yanov. Apparently a stalker named Mitay was out hunting for artifacts and was held up by the bandits, who demanded he turn over what he had. He refused, and so the bandits took him hostage, leading to the mission Hostage Crisis. I took the mission, killed all the bandits, shot Shishak in the head, rescued Mitay and got the ransom as a reward.

Due to the fact that the entire location was full of fucking bandits and I kept hearing “cheeki breeki” over and over again, as well as how this relates to kidnapping, that I decided to say that as a reference to that mission, you uncultured swine.

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Wow you’re a funny guy

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Tell me something I don’t already know.

i’ve played stalker and this is still unfunny


I personally like stealing and using vans. However! It’s getting a bit ridiculous how many posts that exists about said topic.


Well them, clearly you allied with Sultan and shot poor Spartacus. Am I right in assuming you shot all of your teammates in the Jupiter Underground as well?

I do like stealing and vans tbh.
Apprehending people could be a fun way to jump-start society or make a slave camp.
Also, what @kvc.6 Spebby said.


I have been enlightened

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Yes, and when you’ve finished with them you can eat their corpse. Yummy!

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