Petiton to open 100 replies post


  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t care (Yes)

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Stop kicking the dead horse


you know what i really want to do…


i wanna revive the almighty RPG


okay wait what if we make this the new 100 replies post.


molt will eventually close it at some point…
not to be mean to molt or anything


do not disgrace molts name, he is all powerful, he is above us mortals.
he is molt


Petition to have Molt’s vote on this poll thrown out, because he already has the veto power in whether or not to follow the poll’s results, and all his voting does is makes whatever option he chooses to follow appear to be more popular than it actually is. So he can pretend to be the voice of the people.

  • His vote shouldn’t be counted
  • Seig heil! I like authoritarian regimes.

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idk even know what regimes means. only heil.

Heil me before yer arse


god rest the topic

The mods shutdown the operation