Phoebe appreciation thread

Nelson got a new cat named Phoebe (Photos by Nelson)
I Think she is a really cute cat and I hope we get to see more pictures of her


Ladies and Gentlemen, Citizens of the Unturned Forum,

In the year of our Lord, 21st century, we gather here to declare with the utmost sincerity and gravitas a matter of great import, one that pertains to our community and, quite remarkably, to the esteemed game developer, Mr. Nelson Sexton. Our purpose here, dear denizens of this virtual realm, is none other than the imposition of a new levy, upon our collective experience—a tax so noble and feline in nature that it concerns the very heart of this digital dominion.

With furrowed brows and the loftiest of intentions, we hereby declare the institution of a Cat Tax. It is not, by any means, a tax to be dreaded or resented, for it seeks to enrich our shared existence by the introduction of a felicitous addition. The object of our affection, our new tax, is none other than the honorable Nelson Sexton’s newly acquired feline companion, the illustrious Phoebe.

It is our humble request that Mr. Nelson Sexton, our benevolent game developer, doth bestow upon us visual representations, nay, veritable portraits of his newfound furry companion, the charming Phoebe. For in her visage, we shall find solace, mirth, and camaraderie—a source of inspiration, a balm to our digital souls.

Let it be known, good people of this forum, that this tax is not one borne of coercion but rather of shared merriment, a voluntary tribute from Mr. Sexton to our collective delight. In exchange for his gracious contribution of Phoebe’s portraits, our hearts shall, in turn, bestow upon him admiration and goodwill.

And so, with pen and parchment in hand, let us beseech Mr. Nelson Sexton to graciously submit those cherished likenesses of Phoebe, that our digital realm may be enriched by the presence of this noble feline. In this, we shall find unity, joy, and a harmonious blending of our online lives.

Hear, hear! Let it be so, for the Cat Tax shall henceforth be our mutual delight and a testament to the amiable spirit that permeates our beloved Unturned Forum.

Signed this day, in the year of our Lord, with the utmost sincerity and felicity,

Baby Billy Gaming


Bro needs to spend less time posting cats and more time making the game

He posted those on twitter after his old cat passed away. Don’t disrespect the man like that and give him some slack.


Pets dying sucks, true. So does Twitter tho.

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Let the heretofore proposed Cat Tax be officially adopted unto the forum charter!

Phoebe was looking bored last night:

To clarify the context mentioned in other posts: Our previous cat, Jasper, sadly passed away on July 3rd, and on that day I posted some photos of him alongside the announcement. We recently adopted our new cat, Phoebe, after which I posted some photos of her.


The real question is, does Phoebe prefer dry or wet food?

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Phoebe is a very pretty cat

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