Pineridge environment suggestions

Because Unturned II is a zombie apocalypse survival game I want to share some ideas for the map Pinerigde or any other map.

  • shopping carts.
    I think shopping carts could be anywhere on the map and you can drive them and store items in it or 1 player.

  • trash.
    there should be random moveable containers and trash on the map were you can hide in or behind.

  • lights.
    Lamps could be fallen over and broken.

  • house interior.
    houses should be a mess and there would be slats and curtains in front of the windows but they are mostly in a very bad state.


(slats was possibly not the right word)


  • vehicle colour.
    in real life most vehicles are gray or white, so maybe most vehicles in unturned II could be gray or white, but I rather have some colours. I don’t know so lets make a poll. c:
  • mostly gray/white.
  • mostly neutral colours.
  • mostly bright colours.

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yes I also Think that maps should be a llittle overgrown/broken and so, depending on how long after the “virus/epidemic” (whatever it is) breakout.

also car colours should be realistic, but also that car colors can be worn out and so on…
what I mean simply is just that all kinds of colours to cars should exsist that normally exsists in the World, but ofc I Think that you could paint your car again to Another colour when you customize it and so… :smiley:


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Fixed the title.

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