Pinning Down Zombies

This is a short post about pining down zombies, or them pinning you down.

So here’s the idea, imagine your walking through a room and a zombie jumps out of nowhere. Rather than it just smacking you, what if you got knocked down, and you had to quickly press the attack button to kill it? Ofc, you would probably have to hit it multiple times with your fists if you don’t have a small one handed weapon…

Now onto scenario #2

You see a zombie leaning against a wall, facing towards a wall, you walk up behind it and get a prompt to “execute” or “stealth kill” it. You would press the attack button, and as long as the zombie doesn’t know your there, you will kill it easily without making noise, then depending if there are other zombies in the same room or not who have noticed you, the character would either drop the zombie quickly, or set it down carefully.

Side note: the option to kill the zombie that’s pinned you would show up temporarily, but if the person tries spamming the mouse button before the prompt shows up, they will die. (that’s what happens when you panic. )

Why this would be Interesting

Not only would it add some edge to the game, but it would create situations where you the player needs to stay calm and not panic.

Ect ect, bai


For zombies pinning the player down, that’s essentially a quick time event, so no thanks.

For the player ‘executing’ zombies, it would be safe to assume that’s already planned for II, just without the prompts. Just crouch behind a zombie and attempt to melee it.* No need for Hitman-esque gameplay.

*Footnote: we don’t know how the Turned will be treated in II.


kinda what I was thinking.

also, It doesnt HAVE to be a quick time event, sure, Its a better quick time than Ive suggested before, but perhaps you just have to click the attack button to shove it off, and you dont get too many consequences. (such as it jumps on you, and you need to press the attack button. though you would probably die faster than if it was smacking you, it would still make it better. If that sounds better.

also side note of my own, attacking zombies in itself is a quicktime event, you have to swing at the right time, then back up.

second note: perhaps they will be treated differently, but this is just a suggestion to help keep players ont heir toes. Perhaps if the character is more skilled they will just sidestep the zombie and execute it while its on the ground.

I’ll say what I say on every one of these sorts of posts. Success at grappling/takedowns/pinning/assassinations/subduing/whateveryouwannacallit should be determined by equipment, statuses, skillpoints, and/or positioning of the two opponents, but never by quick time events.

Does that sound better?

Is a more forgiving quick time event…

Better than a less forgiving quick time event?


Better than replacing the quick time event with a system to automatically determine the winner of the “pinning?”

I would say no.

I never said it would be used against other players, which seems to be what your implying with the 3rd block quote. It was a random Idea that i quickly wrote before moving onto the senses post.

Sorry if it isnt really thought out, or explained.

So kind of like in dying light? That might work better but i imagine you would need to learn how to do it right first . Maybe an NPC could teach you? Or the more you get in that situation the more likely you are to learn . Or maybe you spawn knowing how to do it

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I dunno

Maybe it might be a good idea, especially the stealth kill part, but the turn jumping on the player I already find a bit bad as I imagine entering a house and then ‘PAM’ a zombie jumped on top of me and I killed him, hence I enter another house and ‘PAM’ another zombie! (Even if it was a rare event, as I am lucky, I believe it would happen this way with me).
Maybe it was better for a different kind of zombie to do this, for example the corridors of unturned 3.0 (just an example of 3.0, to illustrate what I’m talking about), imagine him running at full speed in the world, if he’s in a more high than the player could jump over the player and this player would need to kill him or else push him by pressing the SPACE key, something like that.

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