Pixel art Guns

i created these for a game im planning on making.


What game are you going to make?

the idea is that it takes place in the metro of London and you need to loot from station to station, upgrade and find new guns, unlock new characters and do quests.
I don’t want to reveal too much yet because it is going to take a long time (if at all) to make and may change significantly.
I’m going to go to go to a school for a three year education on game art which includes making projects with game programming students (I’m 16 btw).

Looks like guns from “zombies in my backyard”

Love it, simple yet effective. Only two complaints are the grips are a little too thick, make them one pixel smaller, especially the pistol, and the overuse of yellow, but that’s a probably a lore thing, right?

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The handles are so thick because the characters hands are very large as well. Also the tan colors are for the Militairy guns

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