Pixel Art Showcase

I just realized the Lounge exists and there’s no distinct purpose for it. Seeing as there’s no showcasing section either, I hope you guys don’t mind if I use the Lounge as a new home (and gallery/exhibit of sorts) for my Unturned pixel art pieces from the days of /r/unturned.

Feel free to make any relevant discussion below, including suggestions and feedback. Enjoy!
(Will be uploading future artwork here before anywhere else for potential comments/criticism)


Maplestrike Pixel Art - Unturned

Pixel Art Piece #1 - The Maplestrike (02/2017)

Comment - I decided to take a brief break on creating Unturned sprites, and so I decided to make a pixel art series. Here’s the first piece, my old friend through 2.0 and 3.0: the Maplestrike. Hope you guys enjoy.


Ace Pixel Art - Unturned

Pixel Art Piece #2 - The Ace (02/2017)

Teklowvka - Unturned Pixel Art
Pixel Art Piece #3 - The Teklowvka (03/2017)


Pixel Art Piece #4 - The Zubeknakov (05/2017)
*Currently my personal favorite of all the ones I’ve made so far Maplestrike v2 just took that title

Comment - I know it’s been forever since my last piece, so I worked long and hard on this one. The Zubeknakov is an iconic testament to Unturned’s early days and a wonderful subject for my fourth pixel art piece. My art style has changed a little bit as well. Enjoy!


Pixel Art Piece #5 - The Hawkhound (06/2017)

Comment - Hey guys, here I am with another piece of eye candy for you to check out. The Hawkhound has been my loyal ally in countless survival servers, and continues to be a reliable, balanced gun.


Pixel Art Piece #6 - The Bulldog (07/2017)

Comment - Hey guys, I’m back with another pixel art piece. The Bulldog is a good sidearm that packs a punch from the pocket. This little guy has saved me from a few robberies in RP and I’ve even used it as an AA gun.

hey what do you use to make the pixel art AND what do you use to turn them into gifs

nevermind just figured out xd

About time I moved this piece to its final resting place.

Pixel Art Piece #7 - The Augewehr (02/18)


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With the advent of the new artwork category, I’ve decided to move my pixel art here from where it was in the Regulars Lounge.

As for showcasing non-Unturned pixel art, there’s always my Piskel gallery linked above.

inb4 rEEEE neCrOpOsT

ok ik necropost but hawkhound is my favorite out of all of em

I just realized I didn’t even link my Piskel gallery. Oops.

Note: it’s designed for viewing by PC. Mobile users may get some weird site format issues.

Yes, I am aware this is a necropost.

You guys might happen to remember this old-ass, kinda crappy Maplestrike I did as my first foray into pixel art, right? Good, because I definitely did, so I decided to finally give it a remake. Looking back, I’ve come a long way since then in terms of skill, but I still have a ways to go!

Thank you @ThatGuyYouDontKnow and others for continually giving me feedback


Best gun is best, nice art!

Pixel Art Showcase thread but it’s not unturned pixel art and hijacked by me


That’s Starbound right?

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Do I spot 2 TF2 characters and Animatic Freak with a ponytail?

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He took significant inspiration from Starbound’s artstyle but has no intention to make any of them functioning sprites ingame.

also get your own thread instead of hijacking you poser

look it’s heavy and medic at the end :smiley:

Increadable pixel art from both of you (GHJ and TGYDK (These acronyms are getting out of hand)).