Placeable, and pickup-able stacks

I’m not sure what a good title would be, but something akin to this mod.

Being able to stack unstackable items in a special kind of storage, which anyone would be able to pickup and haul around. You wouldn’t be able to lock these as you would be able to with lockers and metal storages, so it’s only really good for things you have a lot of, so save space. Being able to stack pallets with your supplies and food, picking it up, and putting it in the back of you truck, would be really useful for transporting supplies.

At the moment you have to spend several minutes emptying out wardrobes item by item, or salvaging it and possibly risk losing the items to a server clear. Imagine befriending a clan in a server, and organizing supply lines, or conducting a raid and stealing your victim’s pallets & crates which are full of raw explosives and food. You obviously wouldn’t be able to put pallets and similar things inside of other storages, for balance reasons.

“Why not just use the mod, you deflated balloon.”
With the mod, you have to craft the pallets and crates with some silly watermarked coins, plus vanilla > modded obviously. Just a more “indepth” storage system in 4.0 would be cool to see. Maybe you accidentally burn down the wrong crate in your pyromaniac rampage, and cause a explosion as of the result of burning a crate full of explosives. Stuff like that.

What do you think about this?


I definitely feel like having a better bulk storage option for 4.x would be something that would be really cool. Not only would it make storing a lot of a single item easier but the items could still be protected by having special storage rooms inside of bases. I hope that Nelson adds this to the game.

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Yeah! This is a lot of what I was thinking about. You would be able to have a lot of one item much easier, but the downside is if enemies do manage to get to it, all they need to do is grab the pallet. Instead of having to blow open a wardrobe and spam F.

I really like this idea. There’s a lot you could do with it however it could be abused pretty easily.

How could this be abused?

Don’t mind me, just making a base out of old tomatoes and a bag of chips.

People could stack worthless items you can get a lot of and use this to easily abuse the system.

Then you could easily destroy their base:

True, I guess I did make a mistake with that then.

+1 I’d love to see pallets and such in 4.0

Just imagining blowing a hole in someone’s base and wheeling out pallets of explosives and gasoline drums makes me smile in delight.

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It would be nice to have a .dat flag that allowed anyone to salvage a barricade

Yeah, you would only really use pallets as a compact bulk storage and transportation. Since it’s just a bunch of slim planks, it’d be pretty weak too. Plus you’d need quite a lot of tomatoes and chips to make a working base out of it, it’d probably be cheaper to just make one out of free-form buildables.

The rectangular crates and metal barrels would just be a different kind of pallet for different items, but in terms of building bases out of them, it still wouldn’t really do you any good even if people couldn’t just run off with a piece of your barrel-fort.

Also certain items wouldn’t work in the certain storages. Like you wouldn’t be able to stack a ton of loonies and toonies on a pallet, or stuff a bunch of raw explosives down into a oil drum. Barrels and drums would basically be smaller water & fuel tanks, crates would be a beefier version of the pallet that would allow heavier things, like possibly weapons or valuable crafting supplies.

barrels (for water and fuel) would be easily addable in a mode since they already have counterparts in game.

Especially if Nelson were to add a vehicle that would be able to move them around like a forklift, and maybe trucks that are able to transport pallets easily.


What I like about this is not only can you take loads of goods from a raid, but you’ll need to stick to large roads and defend the pallets of loot until you get to your base. It adds more risk and depth into how much do you wanna take. Sure you could take a few guns/food/whatever and run off, but if your target has some oil drums stacked high or a pallet of raw explosives, you’d need to get a Semi and crew to load it, steal it, and make sure it arrives safely. Don’t let others overwhelm you during transport or else they could just as easily claim all that is currently in the truck for themselves.

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