Placeable tracks / railways

Just putting this idea out there from a “freedom” point of view, since cars, boats and aircraft can pretty much go wherever they want I feel it would ashame for trains and stuff to be restricted to a pre placed track that everyone knows about and can easily avoid or ambush.

“but people would place tracks everywhere”… Actually they won’t, they would generally be better things to spend resources on and other players could easily spot your tracks and destroy them or even follow them to your base etc.

Wooden track/rail.

Can’t be repaired, only replaced when it breaks.
Low durability
Slower travel speed.

Metal tracks/rails.

Can be repaired before they break.
High durability.
Faster travel speed.

A rail system is expensive but requires one power source to power the entire circuit, so once the circuit was build it would be more efficient to run multiple trains/carts that it would for a group to constantly fuel multiple cars/boats/planes.

Basically big upfront resource cost but cheap to run.

All criticism welcome.


For example the railway on Russia in unturned 3.0 is pointless, weak players avoid it and stronger players camp it/ambush it so owning the train isn’t lucrative at all, that’s why I suggest placing tracks/rails ourselves.

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That is not realistic at all
To build a raillway you need to work with multiple people and have extreme precision , and terain needs to be relatively flat also rails are created using induced steel (it is hard to create it)


sure whatever.

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this is a good idea keep up the good work

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They build crooked wooden railways all over the third world lol.

Ever heard of a Cork screw roller coaster? Entirely made of wood and some are hundreds of years old and still standing.

I think pre determined track are pointless people just lay traps on them, block them or set up ambushes.

On 3.0 Russia map if pvp is enabled no one wants the train.

IMHO They’re either in the game and useful or not in the game at all.

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Even if they did (witch is highly unlikely) those railways wouldn’t last long because of the weight and friction of the wagon

I have never seen it and I couldn’t find it online

No they dont because train can brake through blockades and traps and ambushes dont work because train has infinite health

I do

As it stands they are useful, mabe they need a few tweaks but other than that they’re ok


Remembers me of that area event central union railroad camp where there were multiple people hitting the train track with sledgehammers so that it would i think connect with the other track in Red dead Redemption 2.

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Now i wish you could derail trains of there tracks because that would make sense.

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Just add multiple trains and tracks with switches, the train lines would go many more places.


btw, they arent hundreds of years old. They may be up to 30 years old, but they arent several hundred years old.

They didnt HAVE roller coasters hundreds of years ago.


I think trains shouldn’t be a thing at all. Better as a prop/looting location.

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train physics be like

I’m surprised trains even exist in the first place; given the circumstances, the rails probably would’ve been stolen, lots of precious metal waiting to be taken.

rails arent really that precious of a metal though.

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its a lot easier to take it from cars and such, rather than the railways.

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