Plan for Patch

Unfortunately as you may have found, there are some pretty silly bugs related to the engine update. Thank you to everyone who has submitted reports, and for your patience, as well as thanks to everyone who checked out this update on the preview branch over the past 3 weeks - most of the bad bugs were caught in that period thankfully.

In order to avoid releasing an avalanche of small patches the plan is to hopefully address everything in one patch tonight or tomorrow morning depending what comes in.

To view the full list of known bugs: Issue Tracker[]

Edit Friday Evening:

Unfortunately the changes to some wheeled vehicle’s physics between 2017 and 2018 are proving more tricky to fix-up than expected, but I’m hopeful to get it sorted out on Saturday morning.

Pending Changes:

  • Restored in-game text shadows for chat and name labels.

  • Fixed police sirens on Desert APC. Still no idea how this happened.

  • Fixed flicker in arena info UI, and changed target circle to use dots around edge.

  • -ValidateAssets handles more cases, used to track down some of these issues.

  • Fixed blueknight cape, helmet and shoulders mesh.

  • Fixed snow shoes and Inuit hat.

  • Fixed vampire hunter hat.

  • Fixed wooden fence around PEI prison.

  • Fixed vault door low LOD.

  • Fixed Russia Auto headlights and taillights.

  • Fixed Luck o’ the Irish pants material.

  • Fixed older Steam announcement image formatting.


Flashbacks to the Work Jeans Patch Notes are up now!


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