Plane control options

there should be multiple control options for planes and helicopters, EG mouse, numpad, wasd
because i hate it when aircraft and car controls are linked, i want to fly planes like i do in KSP and some may prefer GTA style numpad flying, others like battlefields mouse controls.
another problem in some games is that overlapping controls means that i have to change everything.
q and e being used for signals in cars shouldn’t stop me from using q and e to roll in planes.

it is already pretty much like above in 3.0 but i just don’t want 4.0 to mess up this really simple concept

please state your suggestions and ideas below, but please don’t start arguing over unrelated stuff

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But wouldn’t this make the game confusing to players who are familiar with the WASD Controls? I dont think it should apply to every player that wants to fly an aircraft. If you want to fly a helicopter or any aircraft with a mouse, you can do that. Its Somewhere in controls or the main settings

You mean alternate controls than mouse control? Ehh, just make it optional between mouse, and keyboard controls. Then you can edit keyboard controls. Easy as pie.

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i didnt post this in the 3.0 subforum because im not talking about 3.0.
i know you can change it in the settings in 3.0. i wrote about that.
no its not confusing to the players who are used to wasd, i didnt say you should have one option, i was stating that i hope that nelson does not mess up the controls like some of the gta games and battlefield does. i want there to be as many options as possible to make flying easy for everyone. and i want those options to be easy to understand and change. sorry if anyone misunderstood my statement

I would just say make it mouse and keyboard and let them choose hotkeys, in 3.0 ATM you can use the arrow keys or WASD if I am not mistaken. (arrow keys may be used instead of the mouse I have never used them myself so I am unsure.)

I was answering to you play saying instead of making it so complex, you can change the settings to either have Mouse control or keyboard control, I perfectly well knew that it meant for 4.0 -_-

it wasnt complex, i only wanted there to be mouse or keyboard. i clearly just wanted the buttons to be easily remapable in contrast to other games where its impossible without spending an hour in the settings.

im starting to wonder if you even read my post

“it is already pretty much like above in 3.0 but i just don’t want 4.0 to mess up this really simple concept

GTA numpad flight controls like

I just want the planes and helicopters to be hard to controll or learn to fly, so an avarage Joe couldnt just hop on a helicopter and be a master, It would make it viable to have a “pilot” so to say

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