Player Clip Improvements

As it stands it is really frustrating to use player clip volumes, You can barely keep track of where one is and if you can you certainly won’t have an easy time telling what area it’s covering. So here’s my suggestion, Instead of making it wireframe, why don’t we just have a texture on it of some sorts.
For example, in Valve’s map editor, Hammer, player clip volumes have textures, there transparent and can clog up the screen, but at least you can tell where they are.

I apolagize if this post is hard to read, I wrote this at 3am, and am rather tired. The idea kinda popped into my mind. I dunno guess I was thinking about Hammer and mapping.

Theres actually something like this in the game, you can access it in the visibility devkit tab thing. You can change almost everything about the volumes, type of outline, fill colour, outline colour, fill type and all that stuff.

This is what the player clip volume normally looks like

Here is how i usually modify it


Danaby should know because Athens Arena is 99% player clip volumes. >:C


Excuse my ignorance, but idk what that term means, and google isn’t helpful.

It’s a volume that players cannot clip through.


Its a player clip volume


It’s an invisible wall like the borders of the map that you can place anywhere you want.