Player connection problem

When i host my dedicated server, my friend faces the problem: They cant connect to my server, the following message is “connection timed out”. The strange thing is: the same friend can join to other dedicated servers, and other players can join to my server. We use Hamachi to connect. The firewall and VPN is turned off we only have installed a6 polaris

Is that the exact error message, verbatim? What’s the message in the server log?

Your friend likely just isn’t connecting to the server fast enough. Since you’re the server host, you could try tweaking some of the server’s settings (in the server’s Config.json) to better accommodate your friend’s connection, and see if that helps.

E.g., depending on where they’re failing to join / timing out at, you could try tweaking the following settings higher: Timeout_Queue_Seconds, Max_Ping_Milliseconds, Timeout_Game_Seconds.

Thanks a lot, i tryied everything at once and it helped. <3

I’m glad that you were able to resolve your problem. I’ve gone ahead and marked my reply as the :white_check_mark: Solution. Feel free to unmark it, if your issue hasn’t been resolved fully.

For anyone who has a similar issue, the three settings I mentioned have explanations available on our official wiki: Gameplay config - SDG Wiki

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