Player skin color in Unturned 2

I think that the skin colors that the gold players can use in Unturned 3 is a HUGE problem, a problem that will ruin Untruned 2.
In Unturned 3, i played 1000 hours on vanilla and pvp (mostly vanilla). When i played i had many encounters with gold players that abused their skin color, they were green, white (on yukon) and even a zombi. This gives a huge advantage to them and makes the game unplayable.
For expamle, they can camp the military base as a green guy with a sniper laying on the grass and other players have no chance of seeing them.
In my opinion this CAN NOT be in Unturned 2, as if it will, pvp will be impossible.
There can be many ways of rewarding players that paid for the game, from gold name in the chat to badges and skins (not skin solor of charecter).
I bought the gold pack just to support neslon, i never used diffrent skin color or the gold items.


so you want to disregard the entire idea of camouflages. yeah sure It should be changed to like face and body camo paint but it shouldn’t be entirely forgotten

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It’ll give gillie suits (or whatever II’s version of that is) a purpose :grin:


This is an interesting point. I never played Unturned PvP a lot, because when I wanted to play my internet and / or pc they couldn’t stand it. But it’s completely plausible that players change the color of their skins to camouflage themselves on objects, and that’s a big problem.
I believe it would be nice to be able to “paint” the character using things like mud and other things that would be achieved by craft and play.

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It is already confirmed by Nelson that players will likely only be able to change their skin color to realistic colors only, instead of the mess we had in U3.


ie nothing yellow color ? @GreatHeroJ,I think in this case an exception could be thrown, as it is an iconic color within the game and also offers no advantage in camouflage.

Removing unrealistic skin colors is a good idea to implement in Unturned II. I also recommend adding a camouflage skill to Unturned II so that these players who used to rely on the skin colors can still have a way to sate their need for “Stealthy” game-play and tactics.

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How would that exactly work? I mean,we already have “sneakybeaky” that reduces the sound of your footsteps and therefore zombie detection distance (and human,due to the reduced sound).How would that function for visual camouflage?

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I think yellow should be a developer only skin. Nelson’s obsessed with pirates this skin color when he presents his showcases (Images and videos), plus he added it as the player’s skin in the demo.

That, and because people prefer natural-only for UII


Why not make certain gold features singleplayer exclusive? Since they don’t affect singleplayer gameplay.
It’s easily implemented, if your skin colour is custom just have it revert to a default colour.

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I think the yellow skin color that the T posing God currently has should be the default skin color when you start the game. If you want, you’d be able to choose a different one when customizing your character

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With all the respact to pirates, i think that the skin solor should be natural only because when it comes to playing the game, developer and a regular player are the same

no gold should be a dev exclusive

This wasn’t my point at all. Camouflage is very importent in multiplayer games. All i say is that a player needs to work hard in order to get himself camouflaged and not just by abuse skin colors (way to overpowerd).

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I don’t think a skill in needed in order to “save” camouflage in Unturned 2, players could get it by using fitting cloth and armor.

AFAIK Unturned II is still planned to have just an official server pass, and no gold upgrade whatsoever.


yea and the official pass should not inclued diffrend skin color from the usual ones

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