Player zombie ideas

Here are some of my ideas I have for the turned. The turned should look like the player that was killed by a zombie with, cuts, missing limbs or flesh, and crippled if the zombie broke your bone. If you upgraded your skills those skills should go to your turned self like If you have a certain level strength, then you should take less damage as a zombie. But it would be 1/4 of that.


The Turned is already a thing in 4.0 and it’s fleshy buildups and residue around buildings and so on, like The Flood or The Shadow from Halo and Amnesia: The Dark Descend

It actually isn’t, since it’s only in the concept phase. Hence why OP is discussing it.


Nelson said something about on the roadmap

Only said some that hang from the ceilings and some that are infected survivors. Nothing about how they look. It’s just become a rumor that their plant based.

a silly rumor imho :man_shrugging: be judged

I’d be fine with this, but I don’t think it’d have a huge impact.

Am I wrong? That seems sarcastic.

It is a rumor theory, there’s just not much basis to it.

Well they say organic, that sounds like fleshy sort of stuff. Who knows, we might have sunflowers with big happy smiles shooting little bolts at us.

don’t make me think of Diablo lll

I’m about 90% sure that Nelson said organic growths on the zombie, or organic growths that spawn other turned.

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Its gonna be some kinda living thing, but could also be a kind of fleshy mass.

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