Players can't be allowed to block of loot spots and grief player bases like this in Unturned ll

Im not expecting this to be a problem in 4.0 but It’s has pissed me of SO MUCH in 3.0 so I just have to make sure that the concern is atleast heard.

People blocking off loot spots

So I thing all of us that have played unturned have encounterd loot spots that have been blocked of with metal sheets and doors wich can really make life suck for other players.
I really don’t think that I have to say more about why this is bad and why there should not be any possibilitys to do this in Unturned ll.

Some possible solutions

I know that the building system in 4.0 won’t be like in 3.0 so this might already have been solved and Nelson has probobly thought about this already, but here are still some solutions

  1. Restricting how much and what you can build in locations with loot and POIs

  2. Let all players destroy barricades, or even make them movable by all players

  3. I’m almost sertant that this is just common sence, but DON’T have the dumb plates in Unturned ll

If you have any other ideas on ways to prevent this just comment down below

Hi, we are Metal Plate and Metal pipe, and we are the perfect tools for griefing


Just look at what we can do to make other players lives harder…

How much of a cunt do you have to be seriously

Like just get something better to do…

Someone blocked of the way down to the silo in the dead zone on Russia , I usually have the zombies break the metal plates but one time that someone even put barbed wire behind it to make my life even more painful…

People greffing bases

Again, I really don’t think that I need to explain why this is bad and why this kinda stuff can’t be allowed…

  • Just don’t allow players to do this…

why do people have to be dicks…


While I do not enjoy finding all of the barracks in a military base closed off, I would not want to remove the player’s ability to base in existing structures. I would actually want to expand on that since, in the current game, it is a pretty bad strategy.


I always didn’t like the fact of these buildables getting in the game from the start also never saw any use of them other than like u mentioned blocking things off or getting to places


Honestly I love barricades and buildables. However the metal variations are indeed too difficult to remove. So maybe Unturned II should only have the wooden variety of free-form buildables.


I would say they should be easily removable with a special tool like a crowbar or sledgehammer.


I never liked free form buildables in the first place.


Yarrrr you smell


I couldnt agree more with you. Free form buildables are just annoying and produce unnecessary lag.


Yeah let’s have way less freeform builables in 4. Prehaps they can only be placed in claimed land. As an alternative, freeform should be easy to break with a sledge hammer.


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