Playing with Friends

Will you be able to play with friends on Unturned 4 for free without the Premium purchase? I know that Unturned 4 Official servers will be pay to play but i dont know about if you can still play with friends.

Of course you can - there’s always unofficial servers hosted by the community as well as your own private servers. Basically all the server types available in 3.0.

you even’ll be able to play local coop

Wait, so your saying we can host password servers that anyone can join, regardless of if they are on the same internet as long as they has the password and say IP and port?

The exact details are unclear, but you can instantly host private and local servers for sure

YASH FINALLY! this is gonna be awesome for everyone who wants to only be with their friends in a game.

Ok I had heard that but then I wasnt sure about the official servers as to what they teechnically were (due to the lack of them in Unturned 3) but thanks for clearing this up.

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