Please Actually Document CharacterMeshReplacement's Process (3D CLOTHES?)

hey there! i’m a modder for unturned and pretty much know how to implement most things like 2d clothes, 3d armor, weapons, and apparel - however there is a particular side of unturned modding that is incredibly undocumented - and i was hoping that a dev/mod dev or someone else with good knowledge could provide further explanation on how to recreate ID 1522 (Character Mesh Template) for the possibility of implementing 3d clothing that conforms to the player’s arms and legs. (unlike vests and headwear)

    Has_1P_Character_Mesh_Override: true
    Character_Mesh_3P_Override_LODs: >0
    Has_Character_Material_Override: true
    Hair_Visible: true/false
    Beard_Visible: true/false

I know the Character Mesh Replacer requires these parameters, but i am having such a hard time figuring this out.

though a good start, fails to explain how i’m supposed to mess with the character rig in blender. I don’t know whats automated and whats not, idk if im supposed to assign vertex groups as a way to ‘anchor’ a 3d model to the templates bones, etc. This has been accomplished by other developers, but they are very few in number, such as: Blood Boots, Fallout Power Armors, & Star Wars Droid pack. These mods involve 3d clothes. currently with my set of knowledge, this is impossible. The developers of these mods are Russian or inactive, and i unfortunately have a language barrier with them.

I am very sorry for bothering this forum, and if my sentences make me come off as a needy child. I’m an ESL, so english isnt my best but i do try.

If you can, please provide a lengthy explanation or step by step on how to accomplish such a thing, or point me in the right direction. The only video that explains this is on Youtube, but shows you how to replace your character into a static object with no animations/rig.

In this case it doesn’t matter because they’ve forked the same information from the official docs – but in case it’s updated in the future, I recommend using the official documentation website instead of the one you’ve linked.

I agree that there’s not a lot of documentation for animations and custom body meshes, and it’s something that really should be improved in the future. You’ve likely already seen this information, but here’s the more relevant docs if you haven’t:

To clarify – have you taken a look at the character rig provided in the vanilla game files? (Located along the ...\Unturned\Extras\Sources\Animation file path.)

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omg! thank you so much for the reply! yes i did! im having an issue that i cannot get it ingame. Like it doesn’t even show up. i’m using unity 2021.3.29f, and im unsure if the master bundler is messing it up or something. Like its not even an invisible item, it’s just completely gone.

I am a very visual learner, so just having an opportunity to see a modern video implementation of getting it in-game of even just the template (ID 1522) would be so amazing. But i’m unsure what I’m doing wrong.

I’ve taken a look at the character rig, including looking at it in blender. I tested it by making a prefab, adding the textures to the model, renaming it to the proper names so the game can read it, and still am facing issues.

Again, more than happy to hear a response back. I’m willing to learn anything i can about figuring this out. So anything you tell me will be appreciated!

Sorry, there’s currently no official video tutorials for this. But just a few quick notes:

You’re using the same Unity version as the game, so that shouldn’t be the issue. Regarding “invisible items”, could you clarify more?

Some people export meshes from Blender at a super small scale (think, 100x smaller than it should be), which can give the illusion of the item not existing in-game.

Alternatively, if the item isn’t appearing in-game – there’s likely an error that’s been logged. You would be able to find this in your log files, or from the main menu → Workshop → Error Logs.

I should have mentioned this in my previous reply, but are you aware that we include the CharacterMeshReplacementTest in our ExampleAssets.unitypackage? There should be a prefab for each override. The specific number will depend on how you’ve configured your .dat file.

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