Please allow shooting from motorcycles

I think allowing shooting while driving bikes and motorcycles will be alot of fun, and a good addition to Unturned II!


Also, i appreciate that the unturned II invitation does not dissappear after using it.

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Nah, unless you add a pretty big hip-fire modifier

yes pls

I don’t think it would be needed, I’d figure it would be pretty hard to hit anything while moving at any significant speed.


yes, that is what i think too!

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I may remember that creator said in interview or blog 1-2 years ago that firing a gun while driving a vechicle could be in mechanics of the game.
Not quite sure.

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Yeah, it would be very difficult to shoot at anything while driving quickly, plus that fact the user would likely be restricted to secondary weapons.

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Driving while shooting is already being implemented into the game. For now, it’s been told that it only works for one handed weapons. Possibly a one handed shotgun in the future?


I think u should talk with more respect to the topic instead of a “Nah” :roll_eyes:

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Yeah! Maybe a Short barrel shotgun could be used.

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