Please, dont create unturned 2

i think theres a misunderstanding, i was asking him not you, Read into context clues maybe?

You could be nicer, too :3

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too late just play 3.0 when 4 comes out. servers will still be up

Thats really bizaare/hypocritical of you, I didn’t say anything that was insulting or immature.

I guess this is were i say " no i don’t have to. As to anyone in the world " If i did say something like “Your denser than lead”

Thats really conflicting logic, stop that. Unless you want this to repeat until a mod sees this.







You read it in the wrong order

The way I see it, you wanted someone to be nicer and Tento told you the truth: nobody has to listen to a word you say, just like nobody has to listen to a word I say. You then proceeded to basically tell Tento to see his way out of the conversation, and he then criticized you for not willing to be nice yourself even though you expect others to do so.

You then start being really passive-agressive and saying his logic is hypocritical even though you are the one who’s being a hypocrite.

Are we done here? Good. Let’s move on.

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Implying Unturned II will be an Unturned 3 replica.

If nobody listen to a word anyone said, then why bother speaking to anyone?

Again, please read what I said fully:

Not nobody listens to a word anyone says, but nobody has to listen to a word anyone says.

Alright for the sake of not derailment, and your points being more valid for mine.
I’ll take your word with it and we can move on, Deal?

(because who has time to argue about morals on a zombie game forums?)

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Newer engine, maybe it’s gonna be the game we didn’t expect in a good way :slight_smile:

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