Please fix the loading time

On startup, just load a menu, then when a map is selected load assets relative to that map. If an asset is called that’s not native to the map, load it then. Also reduce loading load time by not having a different item for every color…

It took me 1.5 hours to login to my server, kept timing out and it kept shutting the game down.

I don’t think this can be fixed for 3.0? It might take a long time for Nelson to do that if it is possible…


This cannot be feasibly fixed for Unturned, but is not an issue in Unturned II.

As far as I know this is a issue with Unity itself. If you notice other popular Unity games they have the same very long load time on start up.

The issue is that Unturned (3.0) loads all of the content from launch to exit. When users have mods installed, that is also included alongside any currently curated maps. It’s not a Unity-exclusive issue, it’s just a problem with the core framework of Unturned.

Unturned II remedies this by streaming content instead.

EDIT: Should clarify that Unturned does intend to kinda fix this too by only loading item skins when needed instead of all the time.

I understand it may be a lot of work. The issue is the loading sequence and number of assets. Literally loading thousands of assets at launch, and several assets are repeat items rendered in a different color. Should this be a suggestion for Unturned 4.x? Either way, I wanted to ensure this issue was brought to light. New content seems to be added regularly which propagates to a compounding issue - the load time. I’ll leave the game open on my computer to avoid loading the game, and if I do close out, I dread reopening it. I’m just saying I would play more if this was handled better

Unturned II already has better optimization, also I think it’s time for you to upgrade your PC if it takes an hour to open the game.

The issue was also logging into my server. I kept getting kicked out and had to force end the program. I purchased a new computer just a few weeks ago.

It most definitely is a Unity specific issue. Unity loads all of its bundles at the same time to decrease loading times in game, this is seen in games like Kerbal Space Program and many other large Unity games. The core framework of Unturned is Unity. This is also how you can almost immediately tell a game runs in Unity due to the long opening loading time.

Although you’re correct about Unturned 2 being able to stream line this process by only loading the things it needs in the moment, this will decrease the initial start up time but on average decrease map to map loading times while decreasing the initial start up time.

You might want to do anserver wipe then. It probably is that you have too much information for the server to handle.