Please re-add the search bar to the Material/Foliage menus in the new editor

This is something that was removed during last update’s merge, but it would be very convenient if the search bar in the materials and foliage menus was re-added… It’s very annoying to scroll to find what we need again, and specially now that resources and foliage are combined into one menu.

(also let us paint foliage collections again, why did that possibility get removed anyway?)

(funnily, the forums remind me of Danaby’s post from 2018 asking for the same thing)


I agree, that feature should of course be brought back

i found a temporary solution to this, if you go to Unturned\Bundles\Assets\Landscapes\Foliage you can delete any foliage you dont need/want so it won’t clutter up the thing

but it will corrupt the game and you won’t be able to join servers

ugh how did I not think of this before… I’ll do that right now!

It is planned for a search bar to be re-added. :+1:

EDIT: Relevantly, we’ve just published a FAQ/blogpost that explains how to use various tools, and mentions some of the upcoming improvements to the editor. (This includes adding a search bar to the foliage list.)

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