Please remove terrible resolution options

idk why I didn’t have it in my mind before but what I suggest is to simply remove the insanely small resolution sizes.

It’s not necessary but it helps to stop players from fiddling around and getting these options that will render their game temporarily unplayable as the buttons/menu/HUD elements mash into each other. Besides no one in this day and age would choose a resolution size below 1024 x 768, or rather possess and use such device with that resolution for gaming

They’re not even a viable performance option either. If small sizes are being resorted for an FPS boost then it would mean that you need a serious upgrade. Even then, I believe these resolution sizes need to be let go… unless they were only added as a joke :griefer:

Optionally a confirmation prompt could be added (Which many games have), where changing the resolution would need to be accepted if you have second thoughts after the change. The timer before reverting especially helps when it’s near-impossible to navigate around.


To clarify: usually these people are changing their UI scale to something extreme, not their resolution size to something unusable.

People who change their actual resolution lower are doing it for the FPS boost (it’s very efficient, and for people who don’t want to compromise on their graphical settings it can be quite preferable).


My brother (not to long ago) changed it to the lowest despite being told not to, i spent the next 3 hours trying to fix it. I see no reason to have res sizes that make the game unplayable.

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Unplayable resolutions were one of the reasons a confirmation was high priority in Unturned II. :slight_smile:

Would like to add a confirmation in Unturned, but it is messy with the legacy IMGUI system. Perhaps once the UI is upgraded to UIElements.

There are a surprising number of players who actually use 800x600 resolution. (no analytics for this, based on emails and posts)


What do you mean remove it?

You don’t use a Macintosh?

I’ve frequently ran Unturned in windowed mode at a low resolution in the past. Not for performance reasons but so that I can have multiple things pulled up at once. I’ve never had room for a second monitor so dropping the resolution and switching over to windowed was my best option for multitasking.

Most of these players though, they’re probably doing it mainly for the performance gains and not multitasking like I’ve done.

I’ve never had any issues with lower resolutions in the past but with the current state of 3.0 I get issues since I’m using a 4k monitor. Default UI scale is too small for comfortable game play and raising it up to a suitable level causes overlapping, mainly in the main menu.

I’ve seen tons of people mentioning using lower resolutions for FPS boosts, and for those who do it accidentally, at least it’s relatively easy to fix now for those that ask. (with -w 1920 -h 1080 or -ui_scale 1 launch args)


I see no reason to remove it, but adding a confirmation a la “Are you sure you want to keep these settings…? Settings will revert in X seconds” seems like a good idea regardless.

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I Use 640 x 480 and still won’t get over 45 stable fps and game looking like…idk,Classic doom, with Everything at minimum
I know i need an upgrade but situation won’t let me

Hopefully,at U2 Release i’ll have something Better…Hopefully…

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