Please respond Unturned (BAN APPEAL)

Dear Unturned may i please get unbanned from ur game i really wanna play with friends since ive got an friend i havent been playing with cheats EVER. Please dear support unban me :cry:

No one here can handle unban requests, you’d have to go to battleyes website and request an unban.

You have both a game ban and a VAC ban, so whatever paste you used was ancient.
I copy pasted the FAQ we DM people on the Discord asking about being unbanned here for you.

VAC (Steam) bans:

VAC bans are permanent, controlled by Steam, entirely automatic, and cannot be appealed. These appear on your profile as a “VAC ban.”

Game (BattlEye) bans:

BattlEye bans appear on your profile as a “game ban.” These can be appealed via [their appropriate Support contact form](BattlEye – The Anti-Cheat Gold Standard » Support) if you have proof that you did not cheat. Failure to use the form properly will result in your appeal not being looked at. Ensure you thoroughly read their forms and provide as much information about your computer and situation as possible.

Server bans:

Server bans do not appear on your profile, and they are only seen when you attempt to join the server you are banned on. Contact the server’s staff, or the server owner, directly. Do not use this server as a means to appeal game server bans

A very interesting case. If you were given a blocking not because of cheats, then after what actions?

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Closing as per the explanations provided by the Discord staff members. For more info, here’s a support article on the subject: Ban Inquiries - SDG Forum