Please, this is a cry for help, please let Fog in Unturned II look good

I don’t even really have that complex of a suggestion. Just better fog. Also, variance in the amount of fog on a day by day basis, so it’s not the same every day.

I just really wan fog to look good mk.

Fog can also carry Radioactive materials and toxins.
Perhaps the areas around a deadzone could have toxic fog, that would temporarily extend the reach of a deadzone slightly.


volumetric fog is an difficult thing to manage, but if i remember correctly, unreal has systems for it that will look like your suggestion built in without any major coding.


I think this is possible to make good looking fog and optimize it.

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Nelson Sexton: why is this map so foggy

He actually said That Lmao

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fog isnt even that intensive to begin with. it’s not about optimization its about making something that looks good compared to 3.0’s “make everything more grey” form of fog

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I think creating a fog like smoke would require a lot of the player’s equipment (I foresee some computers exploding :laughing: ), but it would be very beautiful in the game.

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