Please unban me

I got banned 867 days ago and it was for using hacks. My friends and i were big into the game and towards the end we got tired of everyone cheating to we fought fire with fire which resulted in me being banned from unturned multiplayer completely. For the past year+ ive been playing on a different steam account legitly and would really like to play on my main account for the gold perks and my mvp++ on a pandahut server. this is my main account which i have 200+ hrs on unturned and my alt has 77

:battleye: Sorry mate but you cannot appeal here nor will your ban ever be removed :battleye:

Game bans are permanent and non-negotiable regardless of whether you’ve reconsidered your intentions. The forum is not a place to appeal.

We still follow the same protocols as in Steam when it comes to ban appeals. Would be great if you have a read including the sites linked