Pog warzone

hello sdg forum users
i have been gone little while
here to make the epic flex
played warzone solo, got 44 kills and won

  • pog?
  • no pog

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I’m so proud of you, son.

Sorry, I prefer MilSims.

yeh, i luv games where everyone prone camps with there bipod lmgs in bushes and mows me down from 50 km away. i luv games where there’s no component of skill and instead… ‘tactics’?

stfu u milsimmer ur so cringe.

“i play {insert game} and because of so i am superior to one who plays {insert game}”



how much do you use reddit? just wondering

@PatrickR2020 Never

Thanks Nelson for forcing people to use accounts so I can filter people.
Also that was not “solo”

i meant that i hopped into a squad lobby solo, that shows up whether you have a squad (in squad-based game-modes).

I agree with warcorp

“Cawadooty” psssshhhh

I play sophisticated, smart people games

Like Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare Xbox 360 Edition


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