POLL - First Official 4.0 Map?

  • “Pineridge”
  • PEI

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Personally I think we should stick to the traditional fan favorite. Plus the basic layout for PEI is already set in stone, so Nelson already has a good foundation for it.

Also, this isn’t a vote to be rid of Pineridge. Just which one should be his first priority and first to come out.

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I love PEI, and need it to make a comeback in II, but Pineridge looked really nice and would let Nelson make a map centered around bugtesting and feedback and leave PEI to become a true vanilla gameplay centered map.


So do you think Pineridge should be for devtesting purposes, just like Devtest? IE, not an official map that will be later removed?

Eeeh, not really be removed, but i’d like it’s style to be between Devtest and say PEI or Washington.

Save PEI to be a true map, we already know how it turned out in 3x.

Let Pineridge be a demonstrative experience built around having a fun playground to fool around with, so basically Devtest but with more detailed locations and more replayability. Not a straight-up bugtest map, but one to show off the game’s capabilities and allow the flaws to be found.

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imo Pineridge will prob be like Alpha Valley; showcases new stuff, removed, then comes back.


Pei is boring TBH. It’s very simple and if your looking for a good start with II, people will be looking for something new and not just another remake. Pine ridge is the way to go

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OK. If PEI is boring, then what are qualities of other maps that make them ‘fun’ and ‘exciting’?

Please nothing meta, like the buildings or loot spawns or direction of the map. Purely the design - People have made countless reversions and remasters of PEI that plenty of people loved.

Honestly we need more medium sized or similarly sized maps in 3.0 and possibly 4.0, how many servers have you seen with russia, hawaii or germany recently?

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Well I mean I don’t see too many popular servers running pei. Mostly Washington. Maybe it’s because it’s more iconic, larger and more centralised map where as pei is a very simple layout. I just feel people will want something new particularly :slight_smile:

EDIT: in response to your edit :slight_smile: I also feel like pine ridge has more potential for battling the environment. (it snows in pine ridge right?) where as PEI is seen general as a sunny and not very battling environment. Maybe this could be changed

CANyon arenA


yeehaw arena*

I’d prefer we have Pineridge as the first map

But it is likely a beta map. So my guess is that the first map would be anything other than pre-existing maps from 3.0.

It would be nice if PEI comes in as the 2nd or later map as a tribute to the first game.


Maybe because it’s full of guns and easy PvP, which kids love. You can literally find AR’s in civilian towns, like jeez - it’s the reason I dont play it.

And if anything, I’d say PEI is more centralized than Washington. PEI’s hotspot is in the top left corner with all of the good military zones (previous versions of PEI spread this out a little bit more) while Washington has a Military Base, an Evacuation Zone (which is basically, also, a military base), Scorpion-7, and Seattle. All places with great loot and great PvP.

Thats 4 major locations, compared to PEI’s two - Confed and Summerside. Assuming all players are decently smart with the map, I’d say PEI has higher concentrations of players and good loot - IE, more centralized

PEI as first map would be sort of “traditional” but then again, having Pineridge would be fun to see

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Fair point. But in terms of centralised I was was referring to Seattle being the centre point for everything and people have to travel to it to get to the other side of places. I feel like having a corner of the map being the ‘geared corner’ is a bad design and things should be spread out. There is no good loot spawns on the right hand side of pei’s current map. If I get a spawn there I want to die and get to the left hand side of the map. I just feel, in terms of map design, pei isn’t really that great.

why does pineridge have quotation marks around it lol


It… isn’t out yet. It’s name could change, Pineridge could have simply been a city, or so on. AFAIK Pineridge is the only hint we have at what the map will have, not what the map is.

why is anyone crowding outside your house, let alone blacks

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There’s evidence that Pineridge already exists, so it is likely the first map.
And I’m interested in playing a new map, rather than a refurbished PEI.

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I really want to see PEI as the second map, what is more important though is which version of PEI. I personally want to see a 2.0-esque PEI with the O’Leary Military Base, Saint Peter’s Island, the barricaded house in Montague… To bring us back to the old days! Oh yeah, also the Anomaly in the lighthouse.