Poor Optimization

Seriously, i think the game needs focus on the optimization systems.

Since the 3.29.0 Update, my game started to have a so bad performance that i had to change the game quality to the minimal as possible.

But, when i go the 3.27 Unturned Version, my game runs so fast than now. Please, fix the render settings (legacy and referred), textures and reflections, thanks.

At this point it would be really hard to “optimize” the game. Nelson has stated multiple times that his main goals for UII is for it to run well on low end pcs. But as Unturned 3 is right now, optimization is kind of impossible.


Optimization is not something that you can just easily do in like a weekend. If Nelson did try, he would spend months upon months of working rebuilding parts of the game, possibly adding new bugs and breaking various things, all for maybe 5% improvement.

It really cannot be retroactively done.


Unturned has been poorly optimized since the dawn of time, I have a GTX 1060 3gb and barely get 60 fps consistently with vSync.
This is something we’ve had to deal with, amongst various bugs now with Unturned II being the main focus.
Unfortunately due to Unturned’s engine, unity, an optimization would require a rewrite of the game and probably a new engine (Unity isn’t the best engine for games like unturned)

this is just how Unturned 3 is, best way to optimize your game is lower resolution and other settings.



Not saying Unturned is optimized, but if you have a 60 Hz Monitor (which is standard) and you have VSync on, it will cap your FPS to 60 FPS. VSync basically syncs your FPS with your monitor refresh-rate to minimize screen tearing.

Here is a good video explaining how it works:

Disabling VSync might increase your FPS, but unless you have GSync (NVidia) or FreeSync (AMD) then it might make the game choppier.


Thanks, but I’m fully aware of what vSync does, the reason I said “I can barely get 60 fps consistently” is because I get around 20-60, not complaining that I don’t get above 60, because if I didn’t say vSync was on, people would’ve said “Do you have your fps capped with vsync?” Does that make sense?

why have it on though. You’re basically limiting potential frames even if you don’t get above “20-60” fps

screen tearing & heat


Exactly that. When I play Minecraft without vsync too, I get over 60 fps (duh) but the screen tearing is not worth it and it makes it worse than just having vsync on. Besides, Unturned without vSync rarely goes above 60 anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

i can’t stand to play with vsync, if i didn’t want to turn my pc into a space heater i would just turn on a fps limiter if the game has one

Speaking of FPS-limiter, I hope we will have the option to limit our fps in UII


Seconding this. I would love to play above 60 but since there’s no option between unlimited and 60 (or monitor hertz i’m forced to pick 60.

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